Local SEO strategies differ significantly from global and international SEO strategies. The goal of any local SEO strategy is to optimize geographical location search on your website. The local prospects need to be captured as they are likely to become your long term, loyal customers.

Strategies to improve your Local SEO

There are some simple things that you can do to optimize your Local SEO:

  • Make sure that your address, name and contact details are updated and similar on any online presence that you have. This helps Google locate it for any local search. List your name, address and contact details on trusted websites like Yellow Pages, Merchant Circles, FourSquare, Google My Business and others.
  • Look for any duplicate pages with tools like Google Map Maker. That way, if there are multiple listings on one website, they can be removed. Duplicate content can have a negative impact on your local SEO.
  • Try to get as many positive reviews as possible from customers who are genuine. That way, you have more prominence and relevance in local searches.
  • Focus on generating better customer service. This means provide working hours that are accurate and ensuring that you respond to any review or question within those timings quickly.
  • If you are listed on Google My Business, make sure that your site is fully verified.
  • Any categories that you use to describe a business should be accurate. It should provide clarity on what a certain business is and what it is not. When the category association is correct, you are most likely to appear in search results.
  • Ensure that you have high quality and relevant links. For instance, if you have a restaurant in a certain area, getting links to your website from offices, schools and colleges in that area will work well. Wikipedia links also help Local SEO.
  • Use local content such as local interviews, local contests or information about local events etc. That way you can get relevant links that are local.
  • Optimizing your near me searches helps tremendously. This means using keywords like grocery near me, salon near me, etc., as per the business that you are running.
  • Ensure that your website is voice search optimized. That means using keywords that are more colloquial. Use keywords that people are likely to say than type.
  • Have a blog that includes a lot of original, local content. That way, you will be able to attract a lot of local audience and your website will be detected by Google algorithms.

How to make sure your Local SEO is working?

You have different options to audit your local SEO strategy. You can make use of techniques like

  • Google My Business audit
  • Citation analysis
  • Landing page audit
  • Social analysis.


You need to have an ongoing strategy that will keep your local SEO in check. The more you appear in local searches, the larger customer base that you are going to build.

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