Remarketing and retargeting are two strategies that have gained popularity over the last few years. These strategies are focused at getting the attention of individuals who have visited a website before. These methods are considered next-to-sure for generating better leads and even converting them into sales.

Understanding remarketing

Remarketing is a marketing technique which uses online ads to reach out to a visitor on a webpage, who has not made any purchase yet. Re-targetting is a technique that targets those visitors who have already made a purchase on a website.

This is why, you will see repeated ads of a website that you recently visited. These ads appear on social media and even on other websites. The goal is to generate some reaction from a user. It can go in two ways, the user blocks the ad or the user clicks on the ad and goes back to the website.

Remarketing has one simple goal- to generate revenue from sales. It improves the exposure of a brand by constantly making it appear before a potential customer.

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There are four techniques that are used for remarketing:

  • Site remarketing- Ads appear after visitor leaves the website.
  • Social media remarketing- The ads appear when the user goes to any social media platform after leaving your website.
  • Search remarketing- Ads appear on search engines based on the keywords entered by a customer.
  • Email remarketing- Contextual advertisements on an email service followed by a personalized email to the user.

How to make remarketing strategies effective?

  • Use a tracking code on your Facebook page, YouTube Channel and your website. This gives you an idea about the traffic on your page daily.
  • Use YouTube Tracking by creating an AdWords account. Then, remarket to individuals who have watched a video, liked or shared your video, subscribed to your channel and watched a TrueView ad.
  • Use Google remarketing to reach out to customers based on their actions on your website.
  • Place text ads through Google Display network. You can create native text ads that are blended into the website of a publisher so they are not invasive. Standard text ads include a simple ad with a favored font and background. You also have the option of rich media ads which use third party images as or Google + logos.
  • Use image ads for effective remarketing. This can include flash ads, animated ads and simple images. Make sure that strobes and flashes are avoided in your ads as they are banned by Google.
  • Make sure you use the full space provided for your ad effectively. Do not let the ads expand beyond the given frame or appear misaligned.
  • Enable “similar audience” feature available on Google Remarketing to tap into customers who have the same requirements as a previous visitor.
  • Use mobile app remarketing to let customers see ads when they are browsing through a mobile ad or an app.
  • Make sure to use Google Analytics to see what remarketing strategies are working for your business. Then, experiment with different types of ads to get a better rate of conversion.  

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