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OFF-PAGE SEO ONLY My colleague XXXXXX  has done a great job of on-page SEO for our website XXXXX . An independent audit by gives us a score of 82. Now, we are looking for someone to do Off-Page SEO. In the case of Off-Page SEO, our only parameter would be the Mozz Domain Authority (DA) score. Our current DA score is 12. The freelancer/company would be paid on the basis of the rise in DA score, not just posting random backlinks.

Answer – 

Yes,  you or anyone can say this is great work,  but Is it really a great work?

Simply answer is No .

Why do we work for SEO ?  Obviously to get organic Traffic and conversion. Do you think only by these  ‘On Page’ things you are doing great?

SEO on the page has lots of things –  for these type new website searching maximum category keywords according to search, targeting lots of long tail keywords, targeting many keywords by Blog, user experience on the page, page load time, Website Errors and more.

and in last don’t focus on only guest posting things, this will never work for you or any new website.

if you will follow this strategy then after 6 months also you will not be able to improve the traffic.


connect me if you looking help –  Romil tripathi   9289373456

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