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What is SEO for Doctors? Why do Doctors need SEO? How should doctors decide which keywords to choose? How can we measure the success of an SEO campaign? This page aims to answer all your questions about SEO for doctors.

What is SEO for Doctors?
SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization and is the process of making a website easier for search engines (and the public) to find. SEO for Doctors is exactly the same process, but for medical doctors. It aims to make the doctors’ websites easier for search engines (and patients) to find.

Why SEO for Doctors?
SEO for doctors is a relatively long and ongoing process, so why should you invest the time or money in an SEO campaign?

SEO for Doctors – How to decide which keywords to choose?
Red Castle typically includes 10 keywords in our SEO for doctors campaigns. But how do we decide which 10 keywords to select?

First, we make sure that the keywords are actually being used. After all, there is no point being top of Google for keywords which patients are not searching for!

Second, we select keywords which correctly identify the specific services you offer. For example, if you are an orthopedic surgeon, then we may include keywords for the particular surgery for which you would like to increase your volume of patients.

Furthermore, to avoid competing with doctors across the world, we recommend that keywords include your geographical area (usually the nearest city and/or county).

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365Doctor– daily 5000+ organic visitors

Vivan Hospital – no 1 Hospital in India (Sexology)

Neo Hospital

Dr. Ashish

Dr. Kinshuk

Dr. Vishal Jogi – leading Neurologist in Ahemdabad

IVF Conceptions

Services offered for Doctors

The plan must consist of both on-page and off-page strategies. Both these aspects drive your rankings on search engines. They also make it easier for your business to be spotted by search engines.

On page, service is the main benefit of SEO for Doctors and Hospitals

On page SEO services are directed at enhancing your website and making it user friendly. Some services that you should look for include:

Keyword research and complete analysis
Analysis and optimization of content
Content management system
Analysis and optimization of informational structure of the website
Meta tag generation and optimization
HTML Mark up and Website Code enhancement
Social media integration

Off-page SEO services connects you to other online sources that cater to your niche. That way search engines easily detect you. This includes creating in-bound and out-bound links and other services that increase your page authority and presence. The techniques applied are:

Local and Global online listings
Links on authority domains directing users to your websites
Links on blogs, forums and other social network landscapes
Online PR media generation
Viral marketing and link baiting on social media

Here is a set of example (orthopedic) keywords below:

orthopedics + your city
orthopedics + your county
orthopedic surgeon + your city
orthopedic surgeon + your county
orthopedic + your body part of specialty + surgeon + your city
orthopedic + your body part of specialty + surgeon + your county
orthopedic doctor + your city
orthopedic doctor + your county

We provide SEO for Doctors of all specialties, including:
SEO for Cardiology
SEO for Chiropractors
SEO for Dentists
SEO for Medical Practices
SEO for Orthopedics
SEO for Pain Management
SEO for Plastic Surgery
SEO for Urgent Care

We specialize in search engine optimization and digital marketing software and solutions serving all medical practices including, but not limited to:

Plastic Surgeons
Cosmetic Surgeons
Cosmetic Dermatologists
Medical Spas
Cosmetic Dentists
Vein Specialists
Wellness Centers
Anti-Aging Practices
Here are some more examples to test in Google Search:

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SEO strategy for Doctor/Hospital website

Organic traffic/targeted Traffic will be my responsibility and i will give you more targeted traffic and Appointments


in our field people is searching Sexologist in Ahmedabad type but also people mostly searches this type.

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and also people searching area specific

like Sexologist in Bopal, Sexologist in Paldi, Early Discharge treatment in Thaltej,

and other top area in ahmedabad

same for all Specialty like Gynecologist, Urology, fertility and psychiatrist.

we also do Content marketing thing to promote website all over India, good for Branding point.

Blog topic

How Running Improves your Sex Life
Everything About Premature Ejaculation
Sex During Pregnancy
Hygiene Tips For A Healthier Sex Life
tips to increase sex power naturally
5 Reasons You Should Have Sex Every Day
5 Masturbation Mistakes You Are Unintentionally Making
5 Exercises That Will Make You Better At Sex
5 Reasons You Are Not Having Sex

SEO Responsibility

technical things

Title, Meta ang h1 tags

Url Structure

Internal Linking

Breadcrumb Structure

Stiemap xml and Html

image optimization

google page speed / website load time

header link

Footer links

work on webmaster tool

work on google Analytics

Keyword research – important keyword related our category
new category and content ideas by this we can generate lots of Traffic

competition analysis – what our main competitor are doing

start off page optimization

Search Engine Submission
Article Submission
Social media sharing
Blog submission
high quality directory submission

keyword ranking and monitoring

after 1 month we will generating Organic traffic, 2-3 months increase traffic but after 4-5 month we have huge Organic traffic.

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