With the Internet becoming the sole medium of marketing for most businesses, competition is higher than ever. Everyone wants to beat the other to stay ahead on search engines. Keeping your online presence optimized is a sure shot way of taking your business to the next level.

Here are 11 of the most important SEO tips that you should know:

  • 1- Keywords/Category research

First you should have idea what keywords people are searching. Like if you have Pet E-commerce section then people mostly search Dog food online, Pet shop Online, Pedigree Dog food, Dog collar, Dog leash and more.

So first start with keyword research and use keyword Planner, Google Trends, keywords.io and in google people also searching.

According search make category, subcategory, blog, Q&A sections.

  • 2- Insert all SEO On Page things

Title tag , Meta tag, H1 tag, H2 tag, Breadcrumb structure, image alt tag, sitemap xml and HTMl.

  • 3- Focus on content

Engaging content that is updated on a regular basis is a must. The content should be very easy to read, almost like you are answering questions about products, services and your business. also you can put content on every important pages. Like your website related to Diet plan and that keywords are targeting by home page then you can put 200-250 word content on that page, same rule you can apply on category , subcategory and product pages. By blog section you can target more keywords.

  • 4- Implement new technology

Today, there are several tools that can be used to make your website more visible and accessible. Consider options like Google Voice Search as a lead to your website. This makes it more important to use colloquial style in writing your content. Think of keywords that people are likely to say than type.

  • 5- Micro moments need to be captured

A large part of your website traffic comes from mobile users. They are most likely to conduct local searches. This means that you need to add content that is optimized for “near me” searches and the website itself should be very easy to use for better user experience.  If you are starting a website then first you should target long tail keywords.

  • 6- Make the most of inbound links

If there is any other reliable websites who wants to link their content to you, look at it as an opportunity to get a link profile that will be rewarded by most search engines.

  • 7- Be in the news

Google news is your best bet to get to the top of SEO Rankings. This can be done by including relevant news stories or using appropriate links on your website. some PR activity also improve Organic traffic.

  • 8- Mobile optimization is a must

Near about 80% traffic coming on website by Mobile.  most important ranking signals today is mobile optimization. Make sure that mobile usability of your website is high and your website should we responsive. Today most of your audience is mobile and having a mobile version of your site makes it more likely for them to visit your site. You can also make AMP pages.

  • 9- Social media compliments SEO

Today your SEO strategy is incomplete without the use of social media. Make sure that you focus to get the right social signals to improve your search engine ratings. Shares, likes, relevant and interesting content are the key to good social media management.

  • 11- You website must load fast

Your website should be free from heavy content that takes a long time to load. Page loading is a major factor in determining your SEO strategy. Even the mobile version of your site should be fast. Using options like Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages will help increase speed with your mobile site. By Google page speed you can test your website load time , around 80 score is good.

  • 11- Have a good web analytics tool

Once you have your strategies in place, you need to be able to check progress as well. Web analytics tools such as Google Analytics along with other private software can help you track if your strategies are working the way you have anticipated them to or not.

Bonus points-   when you start  SEO things then every month you should check your website impression on webmaster tool(search console), if this is increasing then it’s a green signal for SEO. After two month check targeted keywords ranking and monitor on 15 day basis. Or also monitor organic traffic on google analytics.

Also in Google analytics see avg, time on site, Bounce rate and Page Views.

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