7 Design mistakes that hurt SEO

The objective of a good website today is more than putting out information about your business. The content and the design of your website is crucial for your online ranking. So, you need to be very careful when you choose the elements that will go up on your site.

Most often, designers get carried away and commit the six blunders below that can ruin your SEO:

  1. Most of your content is driven by images and multimedia

It is true that podcasts, images and videos. However, relying solely on multimedia affects SEO in two ways. First, the page load time( by Google page speed test you can check page load time, near  80 score is great) increases, also if your page load time is high then its bad from User point of view.  Search Engine pushing your ranking down. Second, even today, search engines crawl through the text to help you achieve better rankings. So, having text on images instead of traditional content will harm SEO.

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2- Header Tags

Use a H1 or Header 1 tag for your content to make the user experience even better. Pay attention to the service and product page on your website. The easier the content is to navigate through and the better it is organized, the higher your SEO ranking will be. H1 tag also main ranking factor , in H1 tag you can us your most important keywords. every page have unique H1 tag.  also use H2 to H6 tag in a page.

3- Your homepage has more than one URL

Your domain should pass a canonical check. For instance, if www.webdesign.com, www.webdesign.org and www.webdesign.co.uk led to your homepage, then the SEO value will diminish significantly. This is because your rankings get distributed between these three URLs, preventing you from increasing them steadily.

4- The sitemap is absent

A sitemap does not guarantee SEO success. However, this simple XML file can feed a lot of data with respect to page importance and updates to the search engines. That means the crawl is economical and intelligent.

5- Presence of broken links

Avoiding broken links is ideal. However, if you do have some because you are upgrading your website or carrying out any maintenance activity, make sure that the error page is visually appealing. It should also have proper navigation options to improve your SEO rankings.

6- Your website has too many irrelevant pop ups

Recently, Google warned all companies to avoid using too many pop ups on the website, especially on mobile devices. This interferes with the user’s access to the main content. Even if you do have any pop up in your website, make sure that it is simple and easy to exit. If the pop-ups are too flashy and pushy, your user is most likely to exit your website, affecting your SEO instantly.

7- Using infinite scroll incorrectly

With infinite scroll, the content loads as you scroll down. This is one of the latest design techniques that are being used today. Now, if the infinite scroll option that you have allows 100 pages but the default settings only show 10 recent updates, that is all the SEO crawl is going to see.

If you do want to continue using infinite scroll, then it is a good idea to go through tips and suggestions provided on Google Webmaster. That way you can have the advantage of good design and good SEO results.

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