Advance SEO hack – Faq Schema

 Google rolled out FAQ Schema earlier this year to allow webmasters and marketers to mark up their relevant website content, resulting in rich, interactive search results on Google. For FAQ Schema in particular, content can be marked up with this Schema type if it meets the following criteria laid out by Google:

  • The FAQ page must be written by the site itself, and there must be no way for users to submit alternative answers
  • Product support pages can also be eligible as long as users cannot submit alternative answers
  • FAQs should not be used for advertising purposes
  • The full question and answer must be marked up within the Schema to reflect the identical content on the page
  • Obscene, violent, dangerous, or illegal content cannot be marked up

Implementing FAQ Schema is relatively straightforward through microdata or JSON-LD, but it is made even easier by this fantastic tool by Saijo George.

Here is a glimpse of how a page that has been enhanced with FAQ schema looks in the search results:

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