With the year 2017 drawing to a close, many companies have already started to think about their content strategies for the following year. There are some trends that will help you dominate with your content marketing strategies in the year 2018:

  • Go mobile: Most people access content on their mobiles. With video and text preference shifting to smaller screens and the surge of portable devices, mobile content is a must for the year 2018.


  • Leverage Facebook: For small and medium businesses, Facebook will remain the primary source of content sharing and discovery.


  • Create more personalized content: It is expected that close to 70% of businesses that work towards creating a more personalized experience for users will see a jump of 6% in their annual revenue. Tapping into customer interest will help make your content more effective in your SEO.


  • Content transparency is key: The reputation of a brand defines its authority online. There are several options such as brand sponsored content and influencer content that brands bombard their customers with. This has not particularly gone well with the consumers. In the year 2018, paid advertising and social media influencer content will become more transparent. This will lead to the creation of policies that provide complete disclosure of the relationship between the content and the channel.


  • Video advertising is the future: the demand for video content has increased phenomenally over the last few years. Close to 50% of marketers across the globe believe that videos provide the best ROI. Millenials prefer audio-visual content that can be accessed from different devices including smartphones and tablets. This trend is going to become more popular in the year 2018. Using the power of videos to put your services and products out there will help your business immensely.


  • Media and marketing channels should converge: Content is usually looked at as owned media. However, if you want your content marketing to work, this approach must change. Earned, paid and owned media will converge in the year 2018. This means that your blogs, emails, websites, social media and paid media will have to be put to use simultaneously in order for them to work and generate better SERPs for your business.


  • Tap into new technology: Content generated by AI and Augmented Reality are being used by several brands today. For instance, Forbes uses Quill to generate earning reports. This is AI generated content. As for Augmented Reality, games and even product videos have been created by brands like Samsung to capture the attention of the audience.


  • User generated content: This is a major part of the influencer market. People trust content put up by others more than the content put up by the brand itself. This is the reason for the success of sites like Reddit and Owler. You can run contests, ask for guest blogs etc. that can be generated by users who you will select based on policies of your own company. More than reviews, content that adds value to your website should be user driven for better content marketing.

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