Google Ranking factors Understand- how Google search engine works for better SEO 2019 .

Whether it is On page Optimization, keyword analysis, content strategy, back links or any technique that you want to use for better SEO, here is Matt Cutts’ advice on how to make it effective and sustainable. He breaks down how a web search works so you can improve your website to improve search results.

What happens when you run a search?

When you type in a keyword and run a search on Google, you are not searching the entire web but are searching in Google’s index of various websites on the web. They find websites based on your search and bring you the results.

Spiders bring you search results

Google finds websites relevant to a search using a software program that is called a spider. Once the keyword is typed in, a few pages are fetched in by these spiders based on the keywords. Then, they look for links on these websites to other websites and so on to create and index of thousands of pages that are available on the net.

How does Google decide which page is most relevant?

When you type a keyword and run a search, all pages that include these search terms are fetched. There is a possibility that these search terms are present on thousands of pages. However, Google asks over 200 question to decide which one of them is most relevant to your search. Some common questions are:

  • On Page Optimization – technical things- Title Tag , Description Tag, H1 tag, Content length, Page Loading time.
  • High Quality Content – LSI (It provided a significant step forward for the field of text comprehension as it accounted for the contextual nature of language.).
  • User Points – Bounce rate, Time on Site, Page per views, CTR, Direct Traffic, repeat traffic
  • Domain level – Mobile optimization, Website Architecture, Website Updation , server location, SSL certificate, Breadcrumb and AMP.
  • Brand name– People search for brands. If people search for your brand in Google, this shows Google that your site is a real brand.
  • Is a certain page of good quality or poor quality including spams?
  • What is the domain authority of a certain website?

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Based on the answers to these questions, a score is given to each page. The one with the highest score is displayed first. All this is done within ½ second of your hitting the search button.

Google believes in providing impartial search results. Therefore, they do not accept payments to improve rankings, add a certain website to their index or to upgrade it.

Directing more traffic

When the search engine results are displayed, the user sees the following:

  • A title
  • A description
  • A url
  • Related search results
  • Links to similar pages
  • Advertisements

Using long tail and short keywords in a good balance in all of these elements that are presented by the search results will improve your search result rankings. Using specific long tail keywords in ads and in your description is useful in generating instant results. As for the shorter words, use them in the content. Also make sure that you are able to generate a positive response to all the questions asked by Google when conducting a search.

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